Additional Services

"Build Your Own Broadway Show"

Broadway shows, like any organization, are intensely dependent upon teamwork to deliver flawless performances, night after night. This workshop teaches the key concepts of teambuilding and puts them to use in creating a Broadway show based on your company’s critical theme(s). Participants work side-by-side with Goodell Group, Inc. associates and music artists to create and perform a one-act show.

Effective Management Styles:
"Lights, Camera, Action"

Roles in theatrical productions parallel the corporate business model: directors, actors, staff and the like. In this workshop, we demonstrate both effective and ineffective management styles through scene direction of Goodell Group, Inc. associates. Participants then try their hand at being the theater Director.

Special Support Features

These support features ensure that we meet our clients’ needs:

  • Regular progress updates to client
  • Unlimited access by telephone and email
  • Any research to answer situations that arise during an assignment
  • 30-day follow-up meetings with the client to review progress
  • Unique 60-, 90-, and 120-day follow-up meetings with participants

To find out how you can achieve these results in your organization, please contact us today.